Thursday, April 7, 2011

Joseph Stiglitz: of the 1 Percent, by the 1 Percent, for the 1 Percent

1 Percent of the US takes the Income of 25 Percent " the point is that there has been this growing inequality not only in income but actually inequality of wealth is even much greater , there is a shrinking of opportunity it's not just that the people on the top are getting richer , if they were getting richer because they were contributing more to our society and everybody else was doing well that will be one thing but actually they are gaining and everybody else is decreasing in fact right now it is not just the bottom but even the middle , the median income half above half below are poorer today than they were half a decade ago , so all the growth that has occurred in our country in the last decade or more has gone to the upper 1 , 2 percent at the same time there is really shrinking opportunity ...."
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