Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Smell BS

I Smell BS
By Silver Shield, on May 5th, 2011
So we got Bob Moriarty crowing all day on my blog about his third call to short silver in three months after missing a 60% move up. The banksters coordinated attack on silver right when Osama bin Laden news came out and coincidentally my 4 sites get taken down. Throw in an unprecedented 5 margin raises in two weeks and a 28% drop in 4 days of trading. You would think that the fundamentals had changed and billions of ounces of silver suddenly flooded the coffers of the CRIMEX for such a hard and fast drop.

Or the we are pulling all of the troops home and cutting the Military Industrial Complex to by 75%.
Or suddenly the economy is back and manufacturing is creating jobs and a trade surplus.
Or the China had a change of mind and decided double up on dollars and keep buying even more American debt.
Or the the sock puppets in Washington figured out a way to finance $4 trillion or even cut the trillion dollar deficits.
But alas nothing has changed, in fact things have gotten even more bullish for silver.

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