Friday, July 15, 2011

Q&A With The Doc- I Was Waiting to Buy Silver at $25-$28, NOW What Do I Do?

Anthony writes:
Hi Doc,
I foolishly believed/ hoped that silver would correct to $29-27 or even $25. Of course, it did not and now I'm starring at almost $39.00 an ounce spot!!! Will there be at least another $1-2 or more correction, where I will "immediately purchase all I can with both hands"?
Mr. Sprott is calling for $55 an ounce by years end, I think. What are your thoughts?
God help me, I will not be so foolish again!

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  1. BTFD! I was in same boat as you, but something Jim Rogers said last week made me go all in again. He said he couldn't tell you what silver would be at the end of this year, but he could say with certainty that it WOULD be higher in five years. I can wait that long. I'm guessing minimum of $100 in next five years. Could be much higher.